xmms-status-plugin is a general plugin for the xmms mp3 player. It provides a docklet for the GNOME Status applet and the KDE panel.

Under GNOME 2.0 XMMS Status Plugin uses the Notification Area specification. To use this you must add the 'Notification Area' applet to your panel.

Under GNOME 1.2 XMMS Status Plugin uses the GNOME status dock. To use XMMS Status Plugin you need to add the status dock from the panel right click menu.

The KDE equivalent of the docklet panel applet is apparently on the KDE panel by default and the xmms-status-plugin has been reported to work under KDE.


16 April 2005

You may have gathered from the time since the last update that I don't really have the time to look after the XMMS Status Plugin any more these days, I don't even use XMMS anymore anyway. I beleive the plugin continues to work alright (OK, perhaps with a few "quirks") and I hope people continue to find it useful. Many thanks to all those who sent patch etc over the years.

5 March 2003

Finally release 1.0! Changes include a German and Dutch translations, support for up to 9 mouse buttons and support for the new Notifcation Tray plus a whole bunch of bug fixes etc.

Note that notification area support is the default, you'll need to disable it in the preferences to use the docklet with old GNOME or KDE. I have not tested notification area support under KDE, please let me know if it works for you.

01 November 2002

Release 1.0pre1. This version provides initial support for the GNOME2 Notification Tray. Please try it out and let me know how you get on. (Download)

Note that GNOME 2 requires the system tray applet for the docklet to work (system tray applet will be integrated with the panel in a future release, I believe). You can get it from the system-tray-applet module in GNOME CVS.

18 January 2002

Hot on the heels of 0.8 - Release 0.9 solves an important link error which prevented xmms-status-plugin from linking on several different systems.

Version History

1.0 (5 March 2003)

0.9 (18 January 2002)

0.8 (16 January 2002)

0.7 (16 December 2001)

0.6 (17 April 2001)

0.5 (17 November 2000)

0.4 (24 October 2000)

0.3 (21 July 2000)

0.2 (9 May 2000)


Screenshot of the status docklet Screenshot of the status docklet


After installing the plugin, you need to add a "Status Dock" to your GNOME panel. From the Foot Menu choose Panel->Add to Panel->Status Dock.

Now open up the XMMS preferences window (right click on the XMMS window and choose Options->Preferences from the resulting menu). On the tag "Effect/General Plugins" there will be an entry for the Status Docklet Plugin. Select it and click "enable plugin" the word enabled will appear after the Status Docklet entry and the status docklet will appear on your panel.

Clicking on the status docklet icon shows/hides the main window by default (this can be changed from the status docklet preferences), and right clicking gives a menu of commands.


The icons should be 22x22, to make an animated icon, create an image with the frames tiled horizontally.

If you would like to contribute some icons, please write to me.

Problems / Contact

If you have any problems please drop me a line, my address is available on the contact page.


xmms-status-plugin is distributed under the terms of the GPL. See the file COPYING in the distribution.


The repository is served over a residential cable modem connection with relatively low upstream bandwidth, please don't abuse it. In particular please do not setup a cronjob to update your apt package lists more frequently than once per day. A few people are polling every hour, this is a waste of time since Debian mirror pulses only happen once per day and I certainly don't update the IVTV packages that frequently! For the same reasons please ensure your scripts don't repeatedly download files which are not changing and do not recursively download large portions of the site. If you want to be a public mirror please contact me and we'll work something out.

Note: Some versions of wget (e.g. 1.5.3) and curl (e.g. 7.4.1) do not support the virtual hosting setup used by my web host and so will not be able to download these files. The Gnome Transfer Manager (GTM) uses wget to do its work, so that might cause problems as well. I know that wget 1.6.2 works OK, and have had reports that aria works as well.

Current Release (1.0)

Source: xmms-status-plugin-1.0.tar.gz (311k)

Binary Packages

Debian Packages

I've got rid of the old binaries for potato, they were a little obsolete! You can see the packages available in Debian here.

Redhat Packages

Unfortunately I don't have access to any RedHat machines. TempesT has kindly built one for 0.9. Get it: xmms-status-plugin-0.9-1.i386.rpm.

There is also a spec file in the distribution so, you should be able to do:

rpm -tb xmms-status-plugin-<ver>.tar.gz

and get a binary package built. If not, please let me know and I'll see what I can do...

Debian Packages I have removed the old potato packages.  
RedHat Packages: 52k

Old Releases (source only)

Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.9.tar.gz (290k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.8.tar.gz (290k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.7.tar.gz (291k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.6.tar.gz (200k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.5.tar.gz (198k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.4.tar.gz (197k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.3.tar.gz (196k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.2.tar.gz (189k)
Source: xmms-status-plugin-0.1.tar.gz (175k)