Recent changes to this wiki:

Correct 0.5.7 download
Release 0.5.7
Note about x86 support
Avoid phrase "new homepage"
The Debian URL checker (duck) matches on this phrase and brands the page as
being potentially a parked domain e.g.
Release 0.5.6
Replace 0.5.5 signatures with detached signatures
Will leave older releases alone, although its wrong there too.
Fix syntax
Release 0.5.5
Switch links to https
download: path (all)
download: path
download: fix quoting
download: Quote href
Fixup download links
Remove border around inline pages
Shorten now-internal link
Remove template body to try and resolve formatting issues
Add a div to template to try and resolve formatting issue
Add 0.5.0 release file
Use per-release pages
Use ikiwiki inline directive to construct the indexes.
Add a template for the download links.
Import releases
Wrap paras and minor reformatting
Move useful content from old project page to main page.
Git now on
Import default ikiwiki style.css
Move main to index
initial commit
Import pages from gitorious
main.mdwn: Front/home page of wiki
project.mdwn: Text from project description