osd_mail watches a set of mbox style mail boxes for new mail and displays on screen the names of those containing new mail. It requires xosd (currently version 2.1.2).


06 March 2003

Released version 0.6. Updated POP3 code so that it accepts rather than rejects +OK from a server!

05 March 2003

Released version 0.5. Updated code to use latest xosd (xosd-2.1.2). Also includes fixes for MS Exchange server (change for unreleased version 0.4). Thanks to everyone who sent me fixes or bug reports---sorry about the delay in releasing.

15 July 2002

Released version 0.3. This release includes support to make it easier to build RPMs. Get it here.

16 June 2001

Released version 0.2. Added POP and IMAP support as a separate program.

08 April 2001

Released version 0.1.

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Create a file ~/.mailcheckrc containing a list of mail boxes to watch, one per line and start osd_mail. Or, create a file ~/.osd_mailplusrc containing a list of mail boxes to check. Each line must be "mbox <mbox path>" or "pop <server> <username> <password>" or "imap <server> <username> <password>". Then start osd_mailplus.


Currently xosd-0.7.0 does not install xosd.h into the include path, so you should copy it there yourself.


You can reach me at Andrew Rice <mail@andyrice.net>.


osd_mail and osd_mailplus are distributed under the terms of the GPL. See the file COPYING in the distribution.


Current Release (0.6)

Source: osd_mail-0.6.tar.gz (16k)

This page is Copyright 2000 Andrew Rice.