Until now qcontrol has mostly only supported only ARM (kirkwood) based devices (upstream has a configuration example for the HP Media Vault too, but I don't know if it is used).

Debian bug #712191 asked for at least some basic support for x86 based devices. The mostly don't use the QNAP PIC used on the ARM devices so much of the qcontrol functionality is irrelevant but at least some of them do have a compatible A125 LCD.

Unfortunately I don't have any x86 QNAP devices and I've been unable to figure out a way to detect that we are running on an QNAP box as opposed to any random x86 box so I've not been able to implement the hardware auto-detection used on ARM to configure qcontrol for the appropriate device at installation time. I don't want to include a default configuration which tries to drive an LCD on some random serial port since I have no way of knowing what will be on the other end or what the device might do if sent random bytes of the LCD control protocol.

So I've implemented debconf prompting for the device type which is used only if auto-detection fails, so it shouldn't change anything for existing users on ARM. You can find this in version 0.5.2-3~exp1 in experimental (see DebianExperimental on the Debian wiki for how to use experimental).

Currently the package only knows about the existing set of ARM platforms and a default "unknown" platform, which has an empty configuration. If you have a QNAP device (ARM or x86) which is not currently supported then please install the package from experimental and tailor /etc/qcontrol.conf for you platform (e.g. by uncommenting the a125 support and giving it the correct serial port). Then send me the result along with the device's name. If the device is an ARM one please also send me the contents of /proc/cpuinfo too so I can implement auto-detection.

If you know how to detect a particular x86 QNAP device programmatically (via DMI decoding, PCI probing, sysfs etc, but make sure it is 100% safe on non-QNAP platforms) then please do let me know.