My colleague Stefano Stabellini and I are in the process of putting the finishing touches to our presentation which we are giving at Linaro Connect next week in Hong Kong. If you are there come and see Introducing XEN on ARM on Monday at 1100, we'll be running through some of the basics of Xen as well as the specifics of how this translates into use on the ARM virtualised platform and talking about our status and roadmap going forward.

As well as that we will also be demoing Xen on ARM, both on v7 hardware platforms and on v8 software models, at Demo Friday. I've been mostly working on the 64-bit port recently and the initial set of 45(!) patches was committed at the end of last week --- just in time!

The other main Xen on ARM event at this years Connect is a keynote on the Tuesday morning given by Lars Kurth ( Community Manager) and Mark Heath (XenServer VP of Engineering, and also my boss).

Other than that my schedule seems to be running over with other interesting sounding talks and there are certainly going to be plenty of people to catch up with, but hopefully I'll have enough time to put the finishing touches onto ARMv8 64-bit guest support in the hackrooms like I'm planning...

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!