This is slightly old news now, but I've decided to starting blogging and this seems like a good place to start.

At this year's debconf in Nicaragua I finally got around to applying to be a Debian Maintainer. Thanks to the various people who advocated me (and prodded me to apply in the first place!). My key was added to the DM keyring in mid-August.

I intend to continue to maintain the various IVTV capture card packages that I maintain (ivtv-utils and xserver-xorg-video-ivtv) as well as continuing my involvement with the packaging of Xen and associated stuff like the kernel and installer. I also plan keep working on improved support for the DreamPlug, for which I have a few fixes queued up for post-Wheezy already.

More recently I've bought a QNAP TS-210 (which is a nice little NAS that can run Debian) and ended up adopting the qcontrol package, which ended up being my first actual upload to Debian!

Anyway, hopefully I'll manage to post here at least semi-regularly.